Why Dental Labs Make a Difference

dr-marianna-farberWhen working with dental restorations for my patients, I feel that choosing the right laboratories to work with makes all the difference. This is why I have carefully hand-picked the labs that my practice works with. I want to ensure the highest possible quality when it comes to dental implants, porcelain veneers, or even a full mouth rehabilitation. When patients meet with the technician who will be working on their case, they can ask questions and discuss details, such as custom shades for their restorations. During this time, patients can also work with the technician to decide how many teeth need to be addressed. The technician will advise the minimum number of teeth that need to be restored that will provide the patients with the best possible results. Many patients really appreciate having the opportunity to meet with the technicians at the lab, especially when their restoration is very involved, such as with a smile makeover or full mouth restoration. It helps them feel more comfortable, and I am always confident that my patients will be able to achieve exceptional results.

My relationship with these labs is especially important for out of town patients who might not have a lot of time for treatment. In these cases, I can often make arrangements for the lab to complete fabricating restorations in an expedited manner, if necessary. Although the patient’s work is completed in one day, the results should still be beautiful and durable.

To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about the well-established and reputable laboratories that I have partnered with, please contact Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry today.

Check back to our blog soon to read a follow-up post from Dr. Marianna Farber about the specific labs she works with.