Dental Implant Cost


Dental implants are an investment that can last a lifetime. While there are several tooth replacement options available on the market, implants provide a permanent replacement that looks and acts like your real teeth. When you come in for your appointment with Dr. Marianna Farber, she will determine whether you may be a good candidate for the advanced solution. Should you be interested in dental implants, our team will help you understand how much you can expect the cost of your surgery to be.

The amount you pay for dental implants will depend on several factors. This includes whether you will be getting an anchored denture versus single tooth implants, as well as the complexity of your procedure. If reconstruction is needed to provide adequate bone density,  this will need to be done prior to the implant placement, which can be of additional cost. After performing an oral examination, dental implant specialist Dr. Farber will explain what your procedure should entail, as well as give you an estimate of the cost.

Our goal at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry is to help make your dream smile a reality. If you are in need of assistance with the cost of your future implant procedure, we offer financing options that can make the investment much more manageable.

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