Porcelain Fillings: A Holistic Alternative

fillingsWith the many advancements in technology and dental materials in recent years, patients who require tooth fillings no longer need to worry about others seeing a mouth full of metal while talking, eating, or drinking. In the past, dentists typically used metal (amalgam) fillings that often contained mercury and looked blatantly artificial. As part of my mission to incorporate a holistic approach to dentistry, my practice solely utilizes tooth-colored fillings. In addition to the more natural look these porcelain-based fillings provide, tooth-colored fillings eliminate the risks that have been associated with mercury – including the negative impact mercury fillings may have on the environment.

Porcelain fillings are durable and safe to use regardless of your age. If you currently have metal fillings and desire a more natural look, replacing your old metal fillings with porcelain fillings can provide an easy way to enhance the look of your teeth. After treatment, your teeth will look more natural and your smile can appear more youthful as a result!

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