Very punctual. The front desk is quick to attend, the assistants bring me in right on schedule-- very friendly, excellent bedside manner. Dr. Farber will come in not even five minutes afterward, whereas a lot of us, I'm sure, are used to waiting up to 45 minutes in the chair to be seen.

It's a very clean office. The equipment is modern, up-to-date and even advanced, compared with most places I've been to, which happily makes procedures much easier to tolerate.

I appreciate her very clear and concise explanations. She gets straight to business and no time is wasted on unnecessary detail, unless I have questions, to which she absolutely takes the time to answer and make sure I understood.

As far as the procedures, she is patient and precise. She makes sure to be thorough, but also doesn't waste any time and gets through everything quickly. She is more than happy to perform multiple procedures to get as much done as possible, instead of me constantly returning to get things done piece by piece, as I have with past dentists.

All in all, I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Farber. In fact, as someone who has had too frequently change dentists throughout my entire life, I can easily state that I would love to stick with her for as long as possible.


Highly recommend!
Dr. Farber provides excellent care every visit and her entire staff makes my experience feel safe and relaxed.
Also the scheduling process is painless and Dr. Farber makes time, especially in an emergency. 10 out of 10.

Megan Sanders

Dr. Farber is amazing I've been going to her for about 10years and I couldn't be more happier. She's very pleasant. I used to have anxiety going to the dentist but she makes everything painless from cleaning to filling etc..Now I look forward going to see her every time I have an appointment. I would 100 percent recommended her She's the best.

Beatrice Alexis

Marianna has been a great dentist. I’ve been going here for 2 years and always have a pleasant visit

Jessica Lin

The BEST dentist in NYC! She's efficient, thorough and PAINLESS.

Katrina Lawson

I've been going to doctor Farber for about 8 years and I couldn't be more pleased. Appointments are easy to schedule, she always starts on time and when you're in the chair, she is very thorough. She genuinely cares for her patients. She gives options and explanations so you always feel informed. 100% recommended.

Tanya Morrison

My visits to treat my toothache were always great, I had needed multiple procedures and in the end my tooth no longer hurt and looked even better than my other teeth with the crown Dr. Farber made for me, very pleased.

Jo Wynn

I just finished my invisalign treatment with Dr.Farber, my results are great as I expected, she showed me a simulation before I started so I knew what to expect, I also got complimentary whitening treatments, overall I got even more than expected.

Bryan Earley

Dr.Farber did the porcelain veneers on my front teeth a few years ago and they look as perfect today as they looked the day I had them placed, they look natural but also really nice.

Selma April

Dr.Farber is an awesome dentist, always explains everything about the procedures I am about to have, I always feel very comfortable.

Randy Short

Great visit as always, my teeth always look beautiful , bright and shiny, after I leave Dr.Farber’s office.

Patricia Willis

My visits here are easy and uneventful, I usually watch tv or listen to music during my dental treatment, love it.

Elizabeth Graves

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