High-Quality Restorations From Top Labs

In our last blog post, Dr. Marianna Farber explained how her relationship with the dental laboratories she works with makes an impact on the end result for the patient. In this follow-up post, she discusses these labs and why she chose them.

I work with some of the most prestigious laboratories in the country when it comes to dental restorations such as porcelain veneers, crowns, and others. These labs are all very well-known and established in the dental community, so I am always confident that my patients will look great. I have carefully hand-picked these laboratories based on their quality of work, skill level, precision of fit, level of experience, and of course, the cosmetic outcome of their work. I want to work with only the best, so I can rest assured my patients are always in good hands.

One of the labs I frequently work with is Marotta Dental. This particular lab is fully-equipped for an entire restoration procedure, from start to finish. I chose this laboratory because it is staffed with world-class technicians, and I am able to work closely with them to help out of town patients who may need to complete their procedure in one day due to time constraints. This can be particularly helpful when these patients need to have a lengthy procedure, such as a full mouth restoration, completed in a short amount of time.

Another lab I highly recommend for dental restorations is the Jason J. Kim Oral Design New York Center. This lab is part of Oral Design International group, a renowned and exclusive group of extremely talented technicians. Led by Jason Kim, a pioneer in dental prosthetics and aesthetics, the laboratory is open for my patients to come and meet with the Master Ceramist. He is able to assess each patient individually to ensure customized results. He takes several variables into consideration, including face shape, facial movements, and skin tone. Using PreNew PreView®, he is able to help patients envision what their results can look like, so they can provide any feedback prior to the actual procedure, further customizing their results. Many patients who need dental implants or other restorative work truly appreciate this level of personalization.

Last, but certainly not least, I have chosen to partner with daVinci Dental Studio. This lab is well-known for their excellent craftsmanship. With their dedication to exceptional work and materials, I know that my patients will be satisfied with the outcome of their restorations every time.

By partnering with all of these prestigious labs, I am able to help create and craft results for my patients that are beautiful, functional, and strong — leading to superior, long-lasting outcomes.

To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about the labs I work with, please contact my office today.