Durable Solutions for Dental Crowns

Dr. Marianna Farber explains why she chooses to use e.max® and Zirconia for dental restorations.

durable-crownsBy working with some of the best dental labs in the country for my patient’s restorations, I know they will be receiving the best quality possible. When my patients need to have a dental crown created, I choose to use either e.max® or Zirconia materials because of their ability to provide strong, natural-looking results. These non-metallic crowns offer very important benefits, including the ability to easily blend in with your surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. When using e.max® crowns, it is not necessary for me to drill down the tooth as much as I would with more traditional materials, so I can often conserve more of the patient’s natural tooth. Zirconia crowns offer the benefit of being extremely bio-compatible, meaning that it is highly unlikely to cause any sort of an allergic reaction to patients who may be sensitive to certain materials.

Overall, these top-grade materials allow me to provide my patients with strong, long-lasting crowns that blend in seamlessly for a beautiful and balanced smile. To learn more about dental restorations and the materials I use, please feel free to contact my office today. Members of my staff can provide you with more information, and they can also help you schedule a consultation to see if e.max® or Zirconia crowns are right for you.