Endodontics/Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are nothing to fear at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry. Through the use of advanced dental technology, we are able to make root canal procedures faster and much more comfortable than the traditional methods of the past. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is necessary when the nerves inside of a tooth or teeth become infected. A root canal can also be needed if an abscess (bacterial infection) forms around a tooth. This treatment is necessary in order to preserve your natural teeth and prevent the infection from spreading, which can cause more serious health issues.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection

Infection of the inner tooth (pulp) can be caused by a number of factors. Decay from untreated cavities or damage caused by chips, breaks, or a traumatic injury can lead to infection. The infected nerves cause tenderness and pain, often leading to extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as discomfort while eating. It can also lead to an abscess forming in the area of the affected tooth, and in some cases, the pain can be excruciating.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, having your teeth examined is vitally important. Some instances of infection may not exhibit any symptoms, so annual oral exams are an excellent way to detect infection and prevent health risks, tooth loss, and severe damage to your teeth and gums.

I went to Dr. Farber to treat a tooth that had cracked and was infected. She did a root canal and core build-up in under an hour – and it was a completely painless process. I’m going back for the crown next month.

Root Canal Procedure

Our cosmetic dentist performs laser root canals in order to quickly and gently remove the infected pulp and prevent any further damage. If the infection has not quite reached the inner tooth, pulp capping may be an alternative to a full root canal procedure in order to preserve the overall health of the tooth. For full root canal therapy, Dr. Farber will treat and sterilize the infected area, and place a dental crown over the natural tooth to add strength and support. This will also restore the natural look and feel of your teeth, enhancing both the function and aesthetic of the affected tooth.

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