Mercury Free Denistry (Holistic)

As a commitment to both our patients and the environment, our holistic and cosmetic dentist Dr. Marianna Farber has incorporated holistic techniques into our New York dental practice. These methods allow us to reduce exposure to chemicals and toxins sometimes found in certain dental materials. Through a more holistic approach to dentistry, our patients are protected from potential health risks, such as those associated with mercury, and we contribute to the elimination of harmful materials that can pollute our environment. We are also working towards becoming a “greener” practice through the implementation of digital x-rays and computerized filing systems.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

In the past, amalgam was the material of choice for dentists for tooth fillings. However, this material contains mercury, which has been found to be harmful to the human body, even in small amounts. Mercury is also the material that gave fillings a metallic appearance. In an effort to reduce the amount of amalgam being used in fillings, our practice uses only tooth-colored fillings. This new method uses a strong composite or porcelain material that is not only better for your health – it is less noticeable, too. By eliminating the use of amalgam fillings at our practice, we are also helping to eradicate the need for the extensive filtration process necessary to dispose of mercury.


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If you have amalgam fillings, and wish to reduce your increased risk of health issues, as well as improve the look of your smile, please schedule an appointment today to have your old fillings swapped out for tooth-colored fillings.

Digital X-Rays

xrays-300x202By using digital x-rays, we are able to reduce your exposure to radiation. When compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays can use up to 90 percent less radiation, helping us to limit patient exposure significantly. Digital x-rays also make the need to develop film using harmful chemicals a thing of the past. Plus, the results are instantaneous, and can be conveniently sent to your insurance company within seconds.

Going “Green” With Paperless Charts

At Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry, we use digital patient files in order to eliminate paper waste. The digital files also have increased security, meaning your personal information is protected. Using our secure system, our dental professionals are able to keep your appointment schedule, past history, personal information, x-rays, and digital photos organized. This advancement also makes accessing patient records easier for our staff, making dental appointments much faster and easier for our patients.

Digital Photo Documentation

We often take digital photos for our records in order to track patient progress. An excellent educational tool for our patients, the photos help patients to understand what we are doing, as well as educate them on their overall health. These digital photos, much like digital x-rays, also help to eliminate the need for chemical development of photographs.

Learn More About Holistic Dentistry

If you have questions, or if you want more information on our holistic approach to dentistry, please contact us to learn more.