Tooth Colored Fillings

In order to restore and strengthen teeth that have been damaged from cavities and decay, Dr. Marianna Farber uses tooth-colored fillings as a durable solution. Unlike the amalgam (metal) fillings of the past, tooth colored fillings blend in naturally with your teeth, making them virtually undetectable. Amalgam fillings are often associated with potential health risks, because they can contain mercury. With tooth-colored fillings, those risks are eliminated. The composite resin used for tooth-colored fillings is safe, strong, and can be used on patients of all ages. Plus, if you already have old metal fillings, replacing them with tooth-colored fillings can be a great way to enhance the look of your smile with fillings that look more like your original teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

At Contemporary and Esthetic Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist also utilizes the long-lasting composite resin used for tooth-colored fillings to help reinforce and strengthen the back teeth, as well as the adjacent teeth, if they have been damaged or affected by decay. Inlays are used to reinforce your back teeth if they have been damaged along the top indented crevices of the chewing surfaces. Onlays can be used to treat decay and damage on the cusps of the teeth (the structures projecting from the top). Using the tooth-colored resin, these restorations can be color-matched to blend in with your natural tooth structure, for a discreet solution.

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