Smile Makeovers

If you suffer from multiple dental issues, such as stained, chipped, misaligned, or missing teeth, a smile makeover might be right for you. Dr. Marianna Farber utilizes several different restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques to create a customized treatment plan that is specific to your unique needs. After treatment, your smile can look brighter, straighter, and more balanced! A smile makeover can help you make a dramatic change to achieve a healthier, more radiant smile.

The Smile Makeover Process

Everyone’s smile is different and unique. Because of this, our cosmetic dentist conducts a consultation with each of our smile makeover patients to determine an appropriate treatment plan that addresses his or her unique needs. Your smile makeover could include some of the following procedures:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells that are placed over the front of the affected teeth to conceal a wide range of tooth imperfections, like stains, cracks, misalignment, and worn-down teeth. They are custom-made for each of our patients to beautifully match their surrounding teeth for the most natural-looking outcome.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants can permanently replace one or more teeth that are missing or severely damaged. In addition to filling the gap between adjacent teeth, implants are placed in the socket where the root of the missing tooth was once located. This provides an incredibly strong foundation for the crown to be placed, creating a long-lasting, durable tooth replacement.

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Invisalign® is an orthodontic system that uses a series of clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into a straighter position. About every two weeks, you will begin a new set of aligners that is specially designed to improve crooked teeth, getting you closer to your desired outcome. Many patients find this system to be more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and they can often complete the orthodontic process in less time.

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KöR® Teeth Whitening

The KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System involves a treatment at our office as well as take-home whitening trays. The system is customized to the amount of whitening needed and adjusted to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. With KöR® Whitening, patients can obtain significantly brighter, whiter teeth that can be maintained for long-lasting results.

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Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping is intended to contour the gum line to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile. When excess gum tissue covers the front of the teeth, this can make them look short or asymmetrical. Dr. Farber uses advanced laser technology to reshape the gums with minimal discomfort or downtime, helping you transform the look of your smile.

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Each of these procedures offers unique benefits to help you attain a dazzling new smile. KöR® teeth whitening can help whiten dull or stained teeth; porcelain veneers can restore the appearance of worn down or chipped teeth; Invisalign® can straighten misaligned teeth using clear, removable, and discreet teeth aligners; dental implants can replace missing teeth with natural-looking results; and gum reshaping can reduce signs of a “gummy” smile.

For more serious oral health issues, Dr. Farber can restore your teeth and gums to optimal health prior to your smile makeover with a full mouth restoration.

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