Smile Makeover Cost

shutterstock_105216602Cosmetic dentist Dr. Marianna Farber custom-designs every smile makeover treatment to address the individual patient’s unique needs and expectations. Though a smile makeover always has the goal of creating a beautiful, healthy-looking smile, with such a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures available, no two smile makeovers are exactly alike. As a result, the cost of a smile makeover can vary considerably from patient to patient.

During the consultation process, Dr. Farber will spend a significant amount of time assessing the health and appearance of your smile, reviewing the benefits of your smile makeover options, and giving you her recommendation for the best way to achieve the smile of your dreams. By focusing on patient education, Dr. Farber can enable you to make well-informed decisions about which procedures you choose, including Invisalign®, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, gum reshaping, and dental implants. At the end of your consultation, you will be given an overview of your treatment plan as well as an estimate for the cost of the procedure.

The exact price of smile makeovers can depend upon variables such as:

  • The number and location of teeth affected by imperfections
  • Which combination of cosmetic procedures you choose
  • The degree of tooth preparation required for treatment
  • Laboratory costs for customized restorations
  • Your cosmetic dentist’s level of experience

Once Dr. Farber has designed your smile makeover, she can provide you with a more precise quote.

In an effort to give each of our patients at Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry the opportunity to attain a healthy, beautiful smile, we offer a number of financing options. We want our patients to be able to afford the dental care they need – and maintain the smile they deserve – with payment methods that can fit comfortably within their budgets. To learn more about how you might benefit from monthly installment plans, low interest rates, and other financing options, please ask a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information.

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